Experiments in Lifelogging, Part 3: The Drop

I dropped it. Twice!

It had to happen eventually. I had the camera clipped to the strap of a shoulder bag and while fiddling with my coat, it slipped from the strap and dropped from about breast height on to a tiled floor. It landed face-down, with no apparent damage and continues to work just fine. Phew.

Two days later: I was trying to clip it to the collar of my coat when I dropped it again - into the (empty) washbasin. And this time, the case even came apart for a millimetre or so. I clipped it back together and everything's still working fine. Double-phew.

I should definitely get the ruggedised version, if they ever make one.


Mitmachen: #fotoprojekt2014

Ein kleines Nebenbei-Projekt für begeisterte Fotoamateure läuft gerade auf Twitter unter dem Hashtag #fotoprojekt2014.


Experiments in Lifelogging, Part 2: First Week

I've had the Narrative Clip for a week now. It's been a quiet week, which is actually a good thing as it allows me to experiment with wearing the device in public.


12 Monate, 20 Konzerte

Was Konzerte angeht, muss man eben nehmen, was kommt. Wobei, manchmal kann man auch ein bisschen nachhelfen und den Künstlern ein Stück weit entgegen kommen - wovon ich 2013 gelegentlich Gebrauch gemacht habe.

Nach 12 Konzerten in 2012 habe ich es 2013 also auf insgesamt 20 geschafft. Das ist aber noch gar nichts, verglichen mit dem Menschen, der mir beim Low-Konzert in Schorndorf erzählt hat, dass dies bereits sein 126stes(!) in diesem Jahr wäre (er war Frührentner, nicht Musikjournalist).

Nun denn, wen habe ich denn alles so gesehen? Und insbesondere auch: Wo?


Mini Book Review: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

Some years ago, I came across Neil Gaiman. A lot of people seemed to like his works and his books also seemed right up my alley. So I read Neverwhere - and wasn't too impressed.

Sure, it's nicely written. It's also a bit of a page-turner, in that you want to know how it ends. So I guess in a way, that's all you can expect from a book? That it makes you want to read it, and read it to the end. However, it left me without the desire to read it again or even read anything else from that author.

Fast-forward a few years. I've become a loyal follower of Amanda Palmer, who happens to be married to that same Neil Gaiman. So, inevitably, there's some crossover. I still don't follow @neilhimself on Twitter, but @amandapalmer often retweets some of his stuff and his Tumblr ended up in my list of RSS feeds, since I like his thoughtful replies to fans about what it takes to be an author.

So I felt it was time to give him another chance. I've read his latest book, The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I try not to post spoilers.