Experiments in Lifelogging, Part 3: The Drop

I dropped it. Twice!

It had to happen eventually. I had the camera clipped to the strap of a shoulder bag and while fiddling with my coat, it slipped from the strap and dropped from about breast height on to a tiled floor. It landed face-down, with no apparent damage and continues to work just fine. Phew.

Two days later: I was trying to clip it to the collar of my coat when I dropped it again - into the (empty) washbasin. And this time, the case even came apart for a millimetre or so. I clipped it back together and everything's still working fine. Double-phew.

I should definitely get the ruggedised version, if they ever make one.

An odd moment

One of my routine morning trips to the baker ended up as only four photos in my moments. The rest of the photos doesn't show up at all, even when I flip the option to not trim the moment. That's a little odd, but then again it was both dark and cloudy and maybe the rest of the photos were just too dark.

The more annoying problem is that the iOS app won't let me go past the first of the four photos. In theory, you should be able to tap on the first displayed photo and it'll show the rest as a slideshow. It doesn't do that for these four photos. It also doesn't even let me scroll through the previews. Looks like a bug to me.

Who starred those photos?

I noticed a few starred photos in my moments. I'm pretty sure that I didn't star them, though. This left me confused, until I remembered that photos that you take by double-tapping the device (which hasn't worked reliably for me, btw) will automatically be starred.

So my guess is that you can sometimes accidentally trigger that double-tap-and-star feature. Looking at the photos in question, I think one of them was taken when I realised I had dropped something and turned around. Sudden movements probably trigger that feature.

Btw, it seems that the un-starring option in the iOS app doesn't work reliably (or maybe not at all). I'm sure I've un-starred some of those photos at least twice now and they still show up as starred.

Previewing moments while they upload

A nice little feature of the Uploader that I hadn't noticed before is that it doesn't strictly upload photos in the order they were taken. Instead, it skips ahead. Which means that you can already get an impression of a (longer) moment while the rest of the photos are still uploading, filling the gaps. I like that, especially with my still unresolved upload problems.

You know this will come up: Use by criminals?

As I was walking through a neighbourhood featuring lots of Porsches and Mercedes parked in front of nice houses, the thought crossed my mind whether cameras such as the Narrative Clip would be of interest to burglars. With smartphones being ubiquitous it's already very easy to discreetly take a photo of an interesting target, but the constant automatic photos take this one step further.

After putting some more thought into it, I came to the conclusion that it probably doesn't matter. You don't need a camera to decide which house to break into. You just walk through the neighbourhood and make mental notes of the most interesting targets. Having photos of a house you broke into may even prove to be a disadvantage once you are caught.

So I don't think lifelogging provides the tools for a new level of crime. We should be prepared for someone to come up with that argument, though, once lifelogging becomes more mainstream. There's always a politician who will be quick to demand a ban of new technology they don't understand.

Meta Moment

Things can get meta with the Narrative Clip. Like when it takes a photo of you taking a photo ...

Meta Photo     Look Out

The photo on the left was taken after I had dropped the Clip for the second time. So, as you can see, it's still working just fine.

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