Experiments in Lifelogging, Part 10: We have Normality

Not only has it become a habit to put on my Narrative Clip when I leave the house; I've also come to rely on it to capture events - or at least the spirit of events. Now that I know the limitations of the camera (like its problems in low-light conditions), I know when to take additional photos with a "real" camera and when to simply let the Narrative Clip do its thing.

Sometimes, this can mean that I'm actually carrying 3 cameras with me: The Clip, my normal camera for the good photos and my iPad, so that I can immediately post a photo. And sometimes, I'm at an event and there's nothing spectacular happening but I know that I can rely on the Narrative Clip to capture the overall mood and even produce one or two snapshots that I could show to people or use to illustrate a blog post.

In other words: It has become part of my everyday life as well as part of my "tool chain".

And then there are the fun moments, like when I met up with a photographer who works with pinhole cameras (camera obscura). I pointed the Narrative Clip out to him (which I don't normally do) since I thought it would be of interest to him. Turns out he already knew about it - when we agreed to meet, he had looked me up on the web and found my posts about the Clip :)

Oh, and in case you haven't seen in yet: As part of an ongoing series of interviews with users, Narrative published an interview with yours truly on their blog some weeks ago.

Bonus points for those who get the reference in the title of this blog post ;-)

(Ironically, I took that photo with my iPad)

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