Mini Book Review: Fearless Change

Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas by Mary Lynn Manns Ph.D., Linda Rising Ph.D.

Yes, you know all that is presented in this book. Most of the patterns are just plain common sense, you would think. But why is it called common sense when so few people seem to have it? And that's why it's good to have such a book which presents all those items in a systematic and concise manner.

Minor criticism: After reading through the initial chapters, I found myself confronted with the appendix, which lists all the patterns in alphabetic order. That was a bit of a "Now what?" moment - you've heard of all the patterns by now but haven't actually read them yet. So now you need to go back to square one and pick the patterns to start with from the appendix. That felt a bit odd. But then again, at this point it's probably best to go ahead and "just do it" anyway, at which point you will soon need more and more of the patterns.

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