Experiments in Lifelogging, Part 4: Out of Order

Upload problems solved!

I got notice from Narrative support that a new version of the Narrative Uploader for the Mac is available and it finally solved the upload problems I had from the beginning. Yay! No more limiting the upload speed to get anything to upload at all. Oh, and I notice they fixed the "kb/s" vs. "kB/s" confusion, too. Now it say kB/s everywhere. Good work, thanks.

If you're on a Mac, you may want to download the Uploader again from Check the version number as displayed in the Finder. It should now start with 2014 (whereas the previous one started with 2013).


Experiments in Lifelogging, Part 3: The Drop

I dropped it. Twice!

It had to happen eventually. I had the camera clipped to the strap of a shoulder bag and while fiddling with my coat, it slipped from the strap and dropped from about breast height on to a tiled floor. It landed face-down, with no apparent damage and continues to work just fine. Phew.

Two days later: I was trying to clip it to the collar of my coat when I dropped it again - into the (empty) washbasin. And this time, the case even came apart for a millimetre or so. I clipped it back together and everything's still working fine. Double-phew.

I should definitely get the ruggedised version, if they ever make one.


Experiments in Lifelogging, Part 2: First Week

I've had the Narrative Clip for a week now. It's been a quiet week, which is actually a good thing as it allows me to experiment with wearing the device in public.


Experiments in Lifelogging, Part 1: First Steps

I like the idea of lifelogging. There are so many moments and events that mean a lot to us when they happen but that we soon forget and we can only wish that we've recorded them when they happened.

I remember seeing photos, years ago, of this guy who had mounted a video camera on himself so that he could record all those precious moments. Of course, it looked ridiculous but secretly I admired him for doing it.

Fast-forward to 2013 and there's Google Glass. And there's this Kickstarter project that promises a camera in a tiny and discreet format that you could wear all the time. Technology has finally reached a point where being able to record those moments automatically and discreetly becomes possible. So I decided to back the project.

After a 10-month delay (during which we were kept informed of all the reasons for the delays), and after a name change, my camera finally arrived.