Mal wieder gelesen: The Myths of Innovation von Scott Berkun

Ich denke schon länger über das Thema "Innovation" nach: Was wir darunter eigentlich verstehen, warum wir den Begriff so inflationär verwenden und was in diesem Bereich so alles schief läuft. Mir geht es dabei mehr um unsere Wahrnehmung als darum, Innovation zu fördern. Ich habe auch schon angefangen, meine Gedanken dazu niederzuschreiben. Noch weiß ich nicht, wohin das alles führen wird - es könnte ein Vortrag werden, ein Essay, oder vielleicht sogar ein Buch. Mal sehen.

A propos Buch: Es gibt ja bereits das eine oder andere Buch zu dem Thema. Eines davon habe ich mir gerade mal wieder vorgenommen: The Myths of Innovation von Scott Berkun.


Mini Book Review: Contagious

Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger

Why do some ideas seemingly spread overnight, while others disappear? is one of the questions asked on the cover of Contagious. It's questions like this that Jonah Berger explores in this book.

If this sounds familiar then you may have read Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath, who explored similar territory. It isn't a coincidence either, since Chip Heath is author Jonah Berger's mentor.


Book Review: impro

impro - Improvisation and the Theatre by Keith Johnstone

I noticed that when looking into the topics of creativity and innovation, two fields are often mentioned that I know very little about: Jazz - and Improvisation Theatre. So I decided to read the classic book "impro" by Keith Johnstone to see if it would help me understand not only improvisation theatre but also how it's related to creativity and what I could possibly learn from it.


Mini Book Review: Dialogues with Creative Legends

Dialogues with Creative Legends - Aha Moments in a Designer's Career by David Calvin Laufer

I bought this book on a whim - it sounded interesting, I recognised a few (but really only a few) of the names, and the ebook version was discounted. Who would have thought that a book about design (and designers) could be such a page turner?


Book Review: Group Genius

Group Genius - The Creative Power of Collaboration by Keith Sawyer

Keith Sawyer's main theory is that innovation doesn't happen when a lone genius has a rare flash of insight; Innovation, he says, always emerges from a group and the lone genius is a myth.